Registrar General's Dept. Updated Fees for processing documentsCLICK HERE

Emergency Travel Documents (Emergency Certificates)
Adults:  US$70.00 / Minors:  US$70.00

Adults:  Renewal or first time  -- US$140.00
Adults:  Replacement  -- US$220.00
Minors:  Renewal or first time -- US$110.00
Minors:  Replacement  -- US$160.00

Authentication & Legalisation of Documents (Notarial Services)
US$30.00 per document

Citizenship by Descent for Persons born outside of Jamaica of Jamaican parentage
Adults :  US$160.00 / Minors:  US$160.00

Criminal Records (Police Clearance Certificates)
All Applicants: US$25.00

Immigration Services

The following fees apply with effect from 13 October 2014

Persons who have overstayed their time in Jamaica as allotted by the immigration officer, but who wish to regularise their stay  in the country, there is a applicable fee of  JM$50,000.00

Persons who wish to extend their stay beyond the visa exemption period, the applicable fee is JM$50,000.00

Nationals of Counties that require visas prior to arrival in Jamaica, the applicable fee is U$350.00.

Nationals of Counties that are eligible for visas at the Port of Entry are required to pay a fee of U$100.00 upon arrival in Jamaica.

Applications for permanent residency - JM$100,000.00

Advisory: The granting of visas and extensions of stay is solely at the discretion of the Passports, Immigration & Citizenship Agency (PICA)