Jamaica-Brazil Relations.

Jamaica and Brazil established Diplomatic relations on 14th October 1962. The Jamaican Embassy in Brazil was opened in March 2012. Jamaica also maintains a Consulate in São Paulo and one in Rio de Janeiro, headed by Honorary Consul, Mrs. Maria Pia Faulhaber Bastos-Tigre.

The Jamaican-Brazilian relationship is principally rooted in shared democratic values. Brazil's status as a stable and peaceful democracy, growing economic power, its experience fighting extreme poverty, and its abundance of natural resources give it influence regionally and internationally. Jamaica seeks to work with the government and people of Brazil to achieve, like Brazil, a democratic society that is mindful of human rights and social inclusion – important elements for national cohesion and economic progress. As a small island developing state (SIDS), Jamaica also sees Brazil as an important and strategic partner in working with other like-minded countries to strengthen and ensure fairness in the rules-based international system, and on regional cooperation and hemispheric issues, in pursuing its development objectives.